The Hidden Lady


The Hidden Lady


A beautiful abstract painting of a woman in multicolored fashion. The piece begs to be interpreted and looked at multiple times. Made and signed by local artist Paris Lynch.

This piece of art was painted on a 16 inch wide by 20 inch long canvas. The attention to detail on it is superb, from the line of the chin to the contrasting puzzle-like features on the Hidden Lady’s chest. It will make you want to ponder the Hidden Lady’s secrets. The outlining of the picture adds to the unique mystery of the painting and draws more questions than it answers. If you want a piece of art that you and your friends or family can spend hours interpreting, then this is the piece. All finished off with a protective glaze and glitter for an aesthetically pleasing finish.


  • signed by artist Paris Lynch
  • 16″ x 20″ canvas width x length
  • glazed
  • great attention to detail
  • ambiguous nature of an abstract painting