Protection and Healing Abalone Crystal Shell Art Décor

Protection and Healing Abalone Crystal Shell Art Décor


Large size Abalone shell with an abundance of large dark Amethyst chips, Sea shells, with a Clear Quartz Point set in the middle. Added to the shell is a handmade Sage Stick combined with Lavender and Bay Leaf.

Amethyst relieves high stress and provides calmness within the storms, while bringing the wearer into a peaceful state of mind. It is known to be the best stone to aid in emotional pain from loss of a loved one.

Clear Quartz s known as the master healer and harmonizes all chakras in the body with its high vibrations. It can be used to achieve new goals and will assist you to manifest it.

Sage has been used for centuries by the Native Americans to clear the space around you from negative entities and energy. It purifies the environment to allow positive energy to flow in creating a peaceful and calm environment. 

A separate free Sage Smudge Stick gift comes with purchase