Marine Moisturizer

Marine Moisturizer


Marine Moisturizer improves fine lines and increases moisture levels in the skin. Bio fermented extracts from a specialty strain of red marine algae found along the Hawaiian islands’ shores give this moisturizer a boost of extra goodness. Studies have an impressive reduction in redness, which helps to soothe irritated red, dry skin.

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This restorative Marine Moisturizer helps improve the loss of moisture in the skin. Enhances the look of dehydrated crepe skin. Because of all the botanical and natural ingredients, your skin will feel improved.

This daily moisturizer provides the full spectrum of antioxidants and skin hydrating ingredients, with a boost of Hawaiian marine algae to fight fine lines and wrinkles.  Beneficial nutrients quench your skin with healthy free radical protection and hydration. This cream keeps the neck skin tight and firm throughout the day. 


Marine Moisturizer contains Sodium Hyaluronate, a beneficial humectant, and emollient with moisturizers to lubricate and soothes skin. Nourishing Vitamin E  is a powerful antioxidant that heals the skin and protects it from premature aging caused by free radical damage. Vitamin A helps the skin retain elasticity and normalizes dry, dehydrated skin. Collagen boosting Vitamin C is known to trigger the production of collagen in the skin. Revitalizing Ginseng Extract is beneficial in renewing and conditioning the skin.  Rich in Vitamin C, Rose Hip Extract, a rich source of Vitamin C Rose Hips, also contains Vitamin A, B, B2, E, K, and P and iron and copper compounds.

How to use it

Use your Marine Moisturizer after cleansing and toning the skin.  Then apply a small drop to your fingertips and rub together to emulsify and warm the product.  Then gently dab moisturizer onto your face, neck, chin, and chest.  Rub the product into your skin in an upward motion.  Allow the moisturizer to dry completely before putting on your moisturizer and sunscreen. You’ll love the way your skin feels.