Herbal Tea & Honey

Herbal Tea & Honey


Here you will find some of my favorite herbal hot tea blends. Made from all natural and organic ingredients grown and harvested here in Oregon.

Each blend comes with a complimentary 2 oz vial of Oregon Raw Honey for every 6 bags of tea ordered. So that means you get fresh herbal tea blends and raw organic honey all in one package! All ingredients are locally grown and harvested right here in the Willamette Valley. 

I also offer CBD infused honey and agave nectar to help boost your hot tea blends and take them to a while new level of wellness. CBD has so many beneficial properties from easing anxiety, reducing inflammation and aches and pains, to helping with insomnia. We took raw organic Oregon honey and mixed it with agave nectar and infused it with our in house grown hemp flower to insure the freshest possible CBD blend. If you would like to include an infused CBD honey stick with your tea blend purchase, just see all the purchase options below. If you would like CBD infused honey, head on over to my main website at 

www.mollorchid.com to order

Lively & Fresh Berry Breakfast Blend:

Organic blueberry, nettle leaf, ginkgo leaf, meadowsweet herb, calendula, acai berry powder, raspberry leaf, elderberries, skullcap, lavender, chamomile, and organic meadowsweet flowers.

Relax & Unwind:

Chamomile, spearmint, lavender flowers, cinnamon bark, passionflower, and rose hips.

Lights Out Blend:

Chamomile, lemon balm, hibiscus flowers, organic skullcap, organic passionflower, valerian root, lavender flowers, peppermint, and hibiscus flower.

Zesty Green Tea:

Chamomile, Green tea leaf, hibiscus flower, rosehips, orange peel, lemongrass, lemon peel, ginger, orange blossoms, and roasted chicory

Choose to include Raw Organic Oregon Honey with these sets! Each set comes with 6 tea bags. For a couple bucks more, include some natural raw honey straws to help sweeten the pot. The honey may be all natural or come medicated with CBD for added relaxation and health benefits such as easing anxiety, aches and pain management, and insomnia relief.

Tea Bag Sets:

6 bags

12 bags

18 bags

24 bags