Brick Joint Cheese Board

Brick Joint Cheese Board


This Brick Joint Cheese Board is made from Mahogany and Maple. It measures approximately 10-3/8″ x 10-3/8″ x 3/4″. It has non-skid rubber feet on the back for stability, and has been finished with food grade mineral oil.

Specializing in custom made wooden crafts and gifts, virtually all products built by Freedom Woodworking are made from materials that were destined for landfills, or simply to be burned-this includes any plastics that I may use. Most items are built from wooden pallets. I reclaim them, clean them up, and create things with them.

Because these products are made from reclaimed or recycled materials, no two pieces are exactly the same. In any given piece you might find nail holes, splits, cracks, waned edges, grading stamps, or other imperfections. I believe this adds to the character of each piece we build.

In addition to the gifts and crafts shown, I will also take custom projects as well.

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